Courses and Status

MAY 2017


Acc (accepting students from January)
MAX (approaching maximum class size)
FULL (new students go onto waiting list, possibly get second tutor)
LOW (student numbers not viable yet, tell your tutor and fellow students)
CANC (student numbers not viable and/or tutor not found, cancelled)
TUT (awaiting a tutor)

StatusCourse numberCourse nameComment
CancS104Exploring ScienceCourse cancelled and the few students affected notified.
ClosedT213Energy and Sustainability
ClosedS215Chemistry: Essential Concepts
FULLS217Physical WorldNot accepting any more bookings for this course.
CancTD223Int. Development: Making Sense of a Changing WorldInsufficient numbers.
ClosedS294Cell Biology
ClosedS315Chemistry: Further Concepts
ClosedS317Biological Science Now accepting more bookings for this course.
ClosedSK320Infectious Disease and Public Health
FULLSD329Signals and perceptionNot accepting any more bookings for this course.
ClosedSM358Quantum World
FULLSMT359ElectromagnetismNot accepting any more bookings for this course.
ClosedS369Geological Record
ClosedS382AstrophysicsTutor unlikely to be a current AL but experienced.
ClosedS383The Relativistic Universe

Subject to student numbers and tutor availability.

We would also be prepared to cover/substitute other courses if there is sufficient demand from students, and provided we can find a tutor; contact us if you have a suggestion for a course and tutor.